Monday, October 31, 2016

My Halloween Movie List For Chickens

Okay, it’s Halloween, my favourite holiday. And to celebrate I’m bringing out a list of spooky movies. Which is unfamiliar territory for me, because even though I’m a horror writer, I don’t watch a lot of scary movies. Yes, folks I can shred fictional characters with ease, but I’m a big chicken when it come to watching horror films.

So here is my Halloween list for all my fellow hesitant horror movie buffs.

The Hours

A chilling WWII, historical ghost story, with a perfectly creepy atmosphere.

The Crow

Dark, dismal, and full of great action and horror. One of my favourite movies.


A great dark and ghostly comedy.

Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell. Time Travel. Medieval shenanigans and the undead. It’s not perfect, but it is fun.
(If you’re more adventurous, try the entire original Evil Dead trilogy)

Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell again, this time as Elvis fighting a mummy in an old age home.

Fright Night
(either the 1985 or the 2011 version; they both have their merits)

What do you do when a vampire moves in next door?

Sleepy Hollow

A creepy, slightly bizarre version of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman directed by Tim Burton.

Corpse Bride

Another Tim Burton film.
This time an animated delight about a hapless fellow who gets himself betrothed to a dead woman.

The Sixth Sense

A very spooky, tense films about ghosts, and the child that can “see dead people”.

Shaun of the Dead

A zombie comedy. What could be better?

Happy Halloween!

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