Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Spotlight: Hohenstein by Didi Lawson

In today's spotlight I give you a hot new historical romance, Hohenstein by Didi Lawson.
Plus there's a day in the life feature for the main character, Marie-Louise von Hohenstein, and a contest.

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The Book

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A Day in the Life

The following is typical list of things for a day in the life of Marie-Louise, Baroness von Hohenstein, and her ancestral estate.

  • Breakfast with Tante Ambrosia
  • Inspecting the premises
  • Book keeping for the Café
  • Consulting with Jakob on the most pressing repairs that need to be done
  • Planning and shopping for the café
  • Lunch with Tante Ambrosia
  • Preparing for castle weddings
  • Visit from Ulrich Count Wolfburg
  • Playing piano for frustration relief
  • Walk in the forest with Kaiser, the German Shepherd Dog
  • Checking various carriages for carriage rides for the wedding and the children
  • Putting finishing touches on castle wedding decorations
  • Dinner with Tante Ambrosia
  • Practicing music for a castle concert with Dr. Walter 
  • Date with Dr. Nick Neff


The Contest

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