Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Flash Fiction: Family Secrets

Happy Canada Day!

Today, I bring you another story set in the world of my free download, Even the Paranormal Play Sports. In this quick piece of short fiction, I bring you the tale of a family with a secret...

Family Secrets

The screen door banged shut as I walked into house. I strolled into the kitchen and put the box of Tim Hortons doughnuts on the counter. Dad stood by the sink sipping coffee. I opened the box, picked out a honey cruller, and took a bite.
“The RCMP came by today.”
Shocked, I swallowed badly, coughed, and the doughnut crumbs went flying. Catching my breath, I sputtered, “What?”
“You heard me.”
I flopped down on one on the kitchen chairs, my insides churning.
“What did they want?”
“They said they just wanted to talk. Asked all sorts of questions about the neighbour’s mutilated cows, and if I’d seen any strange animals.”
My sick feeling worsened. If the cops were nosing around, maybe they knew. I inhaled a deep breath.
Please don’t let them know.
“Was Frankie here?”
Dad shook his head. “Your brother was over at Sharon’s house.”
“They didn’t go in the cellar, did they?”
“Nope, but that isn’t all. The police brought two stiff-looking fellows in suits with them.”
I grabbed the edge of the counter and took two more breaths to quell the rising nausea.
“It’s them. Dad, it’s them. Those CSIS people, the ones that investigate paranormal crap. I told you this secrecy would get us into trouble.”
“Don’t panic. If they actually knew something we’d be under arrest, they were just sniffing for information. As long as we keep our wits, and stay off their radar, this will blow over.”
“Unless there’s another incident like last month. What if Frankie busts out again?”
“He won’t. I fixed the lock, reinforced the cage in the cellar. Your brother isn’t going anywhere this full moon.”
I loosened my grip on the counter and willed myself to calm down. “I still say this is crazy. We should’ve just reported what happened.”
I stared at my father, hoping my face reflected my desperation. “Maybe we still can, Dad. We should come clean to those CSIS agents. Just get Frankie registered.”
Dad slammed his cup on the edge of the sink, and coffee spattered over his hand and the floor.
“No! Frankie isn’t going to put his name on some federal register like he was some criminal. It isn’t right what they’re doing, hiding things, creating secret registries, making people disappear.”
My father gave me a hard look. “Is that what you want? Do you want your brother to disappear?”
“No, but… we only have Maggie’s word about what happens. Maybe it isn’t what she said.”
“Wasn’t it her husband that got Frankie in this mess? Didn’t he vanish suddenly? Right after Maggie reported him? That’s enough for me to accept Maggie’s word.”
I nodded, feeling dreadful, memories stirring. Sam didn’t mean to bite Frankie that night, but it was the last straw for Maggie. She called the government and the next day Sam was gone. Maggie’s been half-crazed with guilt ever since.
I grabbed another doughnut and ate past my anxiety, talking as I chewed. “I don’t like it, but maybe you’re right. I certainly don’t want anything to happen to Frankie.”
“Well then, it’s settled. We’re not turning Frankie over to CSIS. Your brother might be a werewolf now, but he’s still family. And you protect your family.”
I nodded and swallowed the last of my jelly doughnut.

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