Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Spotlight: E-learning 101

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E-learning 101 by Dr Liz Hardy

E-learning 101 is a short, upbeat e-book that presents simple strategies for new adult online learners. It makes e-learning fun instead of terrifying – with the help of lots of pictures of friendly dogs.

Author Bio: 

Dr Liz Hardy is an e-learning specialist who's helped around 3,000 online learners, from beginners to graduates. She holds degrees and diplomas in several disciplines, including a PhD, and Adult Training qualifications.
Liz knows that online learning looks pretty tough - especially when you're just getting started. But she believes a few simple strategies can make all the difference to your learning experience.
Liz shares her passion for learning by offering practical e-learning answers in the e-book "E-learning 101" and on her website,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

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The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery by Elisabeth Grace Foley

In a small town in turn-of-the-century Colorado, a young woman has disappeared from the boarding-house where she lives. Her distraught fiancĂ© is certain that she must have been kidnapped. But the case takes a new turn when a city detective appears on the scene, looking for a woman who matches the description of the missing girl. Was Charity really kidnapped, or did she have a reason to flee? Mrs. Meade, a gentle but shrewd widow lady who lives across the hall in the boarding-house, feels that there is something wrong with the story of Charity’s disappearance…but can she unravel the mystery before it is too late?  

The Silver Shawl is available at:
Barnes & Noble:

Author Bio: 

Elisabeth Grace Foley grew up an avid reader and has always been fascinated with history, so when she turned to writing, historical fiction was naturally her first choice. Her first published story, “Disturbing the Peace,” was an honorable mention in the first annual Rope and Wire Western short story competition, and is now collected with six others that are appearing for the first time in her debut short story collection, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories. A homeschool graduate, she chose not to attend college in order to pursue self-education and her writing career. She also enjoys music, crocheting and spending time outdoors. She lives at home with her family and a large stack of writer’s notebooks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Spotlight: Divide by Zero

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Divide by Zero by Sheila Deeth

It takes a subdivision to raise a child, and a wealth of threads to weave a tapestry, until one breaks.
Troy, the garage mechanic’s son, loves Lydia, the rich man’s daughter. Amethyst has a remarkable cat and Andrea a curious accent. Old Abigail knows more than anyone else but doesn’t speak. And in Paradise Park a middle-aged man keeps watch while autistic Amelia keeps getting lost.
Pastor Bill, at the church of Paradise, tries to mend people. Peter mends cars. But when that fraying thread gives way it might take a child to raise the subdivision—or to mend it.

Divide by Zero, published in August 2012 by and available in paperback and ebook formats, is a novel of contemporary small-town life  dealing with family relationships, love, redemption and the haunting effects of childhood trauma and abuse.

Divide by Zero is available from:
And more.

Author Bio:
Sheila Deeth grew up in the UK and has a Bachelors and Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England. Now living in the States near Portland Oregon, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, telling stories and meeting her neighbors' dogs on the green.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Spotlight: If I Were You

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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

Fifty Shades of Grey meets Basic Instinct...

It all began when my neighbor thrust a key to a storage unit at me. She’d bought it to make extra money after watching some storage auction show. Now she was on her way to the airport to elope with a man she barely knew, and she needed me to clear out the unit before the lease expires.

Soon, I was standing inside a small room that held the intimate details of another woman’s life, feeling uncomfortable, as if I was invading her privacy. Driven to find out by some unnamed force, I began to dig, to discover this woman’s life, and yes, read her journals—-dark, erotic journals that I had no business reading. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I read on obsessively, living out fantasies through her words that I’d never dare experience on my own. I read onward until the last terrifying dark entry left me certain that something had happened to this woman. I had to find her and be sure she was okay.

The dark, passion it becomes…

Now, I am working at a prestigious gallery she’d worked at, where I have always dreamed of being, and I’ve been delivered to the doorstep of...him. He is rich and famous, and dark in ways I shouldn’t find intriguing, but I do. I don’t understand why his dark side appeals to me, but the attraction between us is rich with velvety promises of satisfaction. He is damaged beneath his confident good looks and need for control, and in some way, I feel he needs me. I need him.

All I know for certain is that he knows me like I don’t even know me, and he says I know him. Still, I keep asking myself — do I know him? Did he know her, the journal writer, and where is she? And why doesn’t it seem to matter anymore? There is just him and me, and the burn for more.

Book trailer

Amazon link

Barnes & Noble

Author Bio:

In 2003, award winning author Lisa Renee Jones sold her Austin, Texas based multi-state staffing agency and has since published over thirty novels and novellas across several genres. Her staffing agency LRJ Staffing was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.
Her debuts with Blaze and Nocturne hit Bookscan's Top 100 list and her Blaze Hotzone trilogy made a showing on the list in 2011 also. With a new Blaze trilogy, a short story for Spice, the third book in her Zodius series published with Sourcebooks, as well as an rapidly growing indie following, 2012 will bring many new stories to her readers.

Booklist says: "Jones' suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann. Alpha, military, and paranormal romance readers will want Jones' entire series." (About the Zodius Series -- Storm that is Sterling)

Lisa is active on Facebook and Twitter, and you can find her at

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Super Spud Trilogy

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The Super Spud Trilogy by Michael Diack

Genetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud! The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind!
But that's not all - A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use-by date. They take on a life of their own. And so long as they remain undetected by humans, they enjoy
life in their own Super Spud cities, take part in major Super Spud sporting events and even start the odd Super Spud war or two. Join Colin, Cougar, Hannibal Vector, Generals Rock, Jock and Strap and all
the others in their rollicking adventures. You'll never look at a packet of crisps in the same way again! Fun, quirky and totally original.

Quote from the author:
"The personality of the Super Spud is determined by their flavour. Tuna flavours, enriched with omega-3 fish oils are very smart, while steak and spinach flavours are incredibly strong due to their high iron content.  The story is fast and a series of non-stop adventures from one chapter to the next, encompassing locations including Egypt, Mexico, UK, Italy and the North Pole! I basically want to entertain the reader and let them read something truly original and quirky.  It also contains many references to popular films and characters like:  Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Robin Hood, 24's Jack Bauer and Batman.  It's fun, quirky, strange and, hopefully, unlike anything the reader has read before ( it is walking, talking crisp packets afterall...)"

(Note:  For all us North Americans, crisps is how they refer to potato chips in Britain)

The Super Spud Trilogy is available at:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Book Depository
Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

Hi, my name is Michael Diack and I’m 26.  I studied geology at the University of Manchester and, after graduating, I was lucky to find a job in Oman working for a geophysical company.  I enjoy table tennis,
music, films, football, sailing and writing about magical potatoes with a taste for adventure and humour.  I’m also a proud geek and I enjoy computer games and playing a four hour game of Risk with my friends.  I always wanted to be a volcanologist, like Pierce Brosnan in Dante’s Peak, but I enjoy my current job and lifestyle.  I released my debut novel back in April 2012 as a paperback and e-book for Kindle.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Spotlight: Till Kingdom Come

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Till Kingdom Come by Christopher Lowe:

The Invasion of the Kingdom, by the newly united nations to the east, forces the world into turmoil and war. With a ill king, the Kingdom must step up and force out the invaders; in the process they learn the hard truths of the past, that they themself might be responsible for the war.
The war unfolds the decisions sons must make in spite of their fathers, the choices a father must make for the safety of his son, and the realization a young woman comes to- that you can't always do what you want, be with who you want. But you have to do what is best for the greater good of the Kingdom.
Caught in the middle are James and Jessica with the choices and sacrifices they make in the interest of the Kingdom. James is raised in the army ranks from enlisted man to Field Marshal. Jessica is a beautiful carefree young woman, whose personal tragedies not only shape her future, but forces her to put aside her own happiness. Their relationship is brought close and tore apart by the constant fighting and hardship they both face on their way to their destinies.

You can find  Till Kingdom Come on Amazon:

Author Bio for Christopher Lowe:
I was born in Winter Haven, Florida, and attended Lake Region High School. I love story telling whether its reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to music. Just having the ability to lose yourself in a storyline. What would you do if you were the character, what choices would you make? I love history, politics, philosophy, psychology, underdogs. The act of giving your self up for a greater good, the willingness to sacrifice your own life for a cause greater than yourself. There's something poetic about being the greater fool, or fighting a fight you know you cant win. Privately, I enjoy football, drag racing, poker, watching movies.

"Till Kingdom Come is based in an alternate time period. The overall mood and character behavior along with the visual imagery is meant to be similar to the 1700’s and 1800’s. while there are innovations and teams, such as their weapons, belong to the 1800’s and 1900’s. It’s my hope the combination of the two can complement each other, to give the reader the classic feel of history and antiquity while also giving justice to the only thing the human race has ever perfected, the ability to fight and wage war, no matter the reason or the cost."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Dragonslayer Series

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Today the spotlight is a bit different, focusing on a group of books, Resa Nelson’s four book Dragonslayer series.

The Dragonslayer Series by Resa Nelson:

The Dragonslayer’s Sword (Book 1)

For Astrid, a blacksmith who makes swords for dragonslayers, the emergence of a strange gemstone from her body sets in motion a chain of events that threaten to destroy her life. Her happiness is shattered when her lover--the dragonslayer--disappears without a trace, and the life that she knows and loves implodes without warning.
Astrid lives in a world of shapeshifters whose thoughts have the power to change not only themselves but others. Everything Astrid knows to be true is called into question when she learns the truth about her past and the mysterious family from which she was separated as a child.
Reality turns inside out as Astrid gradually learns the truth about the people she loves as well as those she disdains. With the fate of dragons, ghosts, and slaves in foreign lands resting on her shoulders, Astrid faces the challenge of deciding who she is and how she will stand up inside her own skin. Will she withdraw and hide from the world that has disappointed her so much...or will she rise to lead others to freedom and peace?

The Iron Maiden (Book 2)

Astrid is reluctant to travel the winter route beyond the Northlands, even though it’s her duty. She’d rather stay home in her village, surrounded by friends and neighbors. Ignoring the bonds of tradition, she decides to spend the cold winter months in the warmth of her blacksmithing shop. Why should she leave the comfort of her cottage to serve and protect foreigners who might raid and harm her native Northlands?

Everything changes when a traveling merchant steals Starlight, the first dragonslayer’s sword Astrid forged and her last link to her sweetheart DiStephan. Having no time to alert her friends, Astrid races in pursuit of the merchant, determined to reclaim Starlight as her own and return home in time for dinner. Instead, her quest leads her to new lands, unexpected friendships with foreigners, and a harrowing encounter with the damage done by the followers of a new god that considers women as nothing more than servants to men. All the while, she must be ready to face any dragon traveling the winter route.
In Book 2 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid must learn that deciding who she is isn’t a decision she can make just once. It’s a decision she must make every day.

The Stone of Darkness (Book 3)

In Book 3 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid accepts her duty and follows the winter route--until she's bitten by a dragon. Everyone knows dragon bites are poisonous and deadly, so she reluctantly accepts her impending death. In a twist of fate, she survives. Desperate for an explanation, Astrid believes she has somehow been protected by the black stone she keeps with her at all times, a stone that emerged from the sole of her foot a year ago.

Determined to find out what the stone is and what kind of powers it possesses, Astrid begins a journey that leads her to alchemists and an army of men under the rule of the powerful warrior, Mandulane, the acting lord of the Krystr army. Mandulane's mission is to spread the word of the new god Krystr, which preaches the evil intent of women and the danger they pose to all men, who are entitled to dominate the world. Rumors about this new god and army have spread, but Astrid is the first Northlander to encounter them.

Soon, she stumbles upon a secret of a far-reaching and mind-numbing plot that will impact the entire world. Astrid must find a way to spread the news of this threat and protect her people and everyone else at risk. She's convinced the answer lies inside the Stone of Darkness, and she must find a way to understand the stone and the powers she's convinced it must hold before it's too late.

Book 4 will be published in November 2012

The ebooks ($4.99 each) and paperbacks ($12.95 to $14.95) are available from Mundania Press and Amazon.  Paperbacks only (Book 3 is on Nook) at Barnes & Noble (get a 10% discount at checkout with the coupon code MP10) (Kindle and paperback) (Books 1 and 2 paperback only, Book 3 paperback and Nook)

Author Bio:

Resa Nelson has been selling fiction professionally since 1988. She is a longtime member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and is a graduate of the Clarion SF Workshop.
Resa was also the TV/Movie Columnist for Realms of Fantasy magazine for 13 years and was a contributor to SCI FI magazine. She has sold over 200 articles to magazines in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Her first novel, The Dragonslayer’s Sword, was nominated for the Nebula Award and was also a Finalist for the EPPIE Award. This medieval fantasy novel is based on a short story first published in the premiere issue of Science Fiction Age magazine and ranked 2nd in that magazine's first Readers Top Ten Poll. The Dragonslayer's Sword is Book 1 in her 4-book Dragonslayer series. Book 2, The Iron Maiden, was published last December, Book 3 was published in May, and the final book in the series is scheduled for publication in November.
Resa's standalone novel, Our Lady of the Absolute, is a fantasy/mystery/thriller about a modern-day society based on ancient Egypt. Midwest Book Review gave this book a 5-star review, calling it "a riveting fantasy, very highly recommended."
Resa lives in Massachusetts.

Her website:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Spotlight: Twisted Shorties

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Twisted Shorties: An Anthology

From the inventive minds of the writers on comes a book...

...a book of odd little stories, with fiction astonishing and intriguing, and yes even creepy. Flip the pages to find romance, sci-fi, fantasy or horror, and then turn into the lilt of poetry and the whimsy of a child’s tale.
We have twenty-three authors extraordinaire gracing the pages, writers who have come together in collaboration to pen words on paper and create brief, but memorable narratives.
These talented writers include: Patricia Gilliam, author of The Hannaria Series, A. F. Stewart, author of Ruined City and Killers and Demons, Sheila Deeth, author of Flower Child, Black Widow, and Refracted, Barbary Chaapel, author of Estuary, No Name Harbor and Journey of the Snow Goose, Tracy Fabre author of Evan's Castle, Reasons, Sending Rupert Home and Callie By The Bay and Douglas J. Westberg author of The Depressed Guy's Book of Wisdom.
They and others of equal ability are bringing you the experience of...

Twisted Shorties.

Editor-in-Chief Pam Brittain
Edited by Len Maxwell. John Beck, Greg Schiller
Published at Smashwords by A. F. Stewart
Cover Art by James Terrell  

Available for free download at Smashwords:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Spotlight: Shadows of Kings

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Shadows of Kings by Jack Whitsel:

Steel and sorcery clash as the Harhn incursion sweeps through the Hugue. Only Lord Baudouin and Lady Lucia, a Dragon Maiden from the Order, stand in the enemy's path.  Only together will there be any hope to repel the onslaught, and preserve the future for a mysterious girl they do not know.   

Shadows of Kings is available at:  

Barnes & Noble:

Twilight Times Books:

Author Bio:  
Jack is a native Californian, but has made Oregon his home since 1982. He holds a Bachelor's Degree of Finance from Portland State University, but studies medieval history in his spare time. His favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction with a medieval emphasis. Shadows of Kings, the first novel of the Dragon Rising Series is the love child born of these two passions. "I love the elements of fantasy when mixed with the gritty aspects of a medieval society. In the worlds I create, there are neither citadels of shimmering glass nor any utopian realms."

You can Find Jack at:


Friday, June 8, 2012

Story Spotlight: War Memorial

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War Memorial by Elisabeth Grace Foley:

At the bottom of an old trinket-box lies a misshapen bit of lead—a bullet from the Civil War, an old family keepsake preserved, but mostly forgotten, by later generations. And behind it lies a story—the story of a young girl’s experiences in the days surrounding the fateful battle of Gettysburg, which force her to examine her own heart and show her the face of war in a way she could not have understood before.

War Memorial” is a short story, approximately 6,500 words long and is available at Amazon.

Author Bio:

Elisabeth Grace Foley grew up an avid reader and has always been fascinated with history, so when she turned to writing, historical fiction was naturally her first choice. Her first published story, “Disturbing the Peace,” was an honorable mention in the first annual Rope and Wire Western short story competition, and is now collected with six others that are appearing for the first time in her debut short story collection, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories. A homeschool graduate, she chose not to attend college in order to pursue self-education and her writing career. She also enjoys music, crocheting and spending time outdoors. She lives at home with her family and a large stack of writer’s notebooks.

You can find Elisabeth at:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Spotlight: Dragon Fate

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Dragon Fate by J.D. Hallowell:

Dragon Fate is a heroic fantasy adventure in the grand tradition of the genre. Delno Okonan is a young former soldier eager to put the swords and strife of war behind him, when a chance encounter leaves him inextricably entwined in a tangled web of dragons, magic, and intrigue, as he struggles to find his place among dragons and men, and stave off a plot by renegade dragon riders that threatens all he now holds dear. Teens and adult readers alike will find themselves hanging on every twist and turn.

Dragon Fate is Available at:  Amazon

Author Bio:

J.D. Hallowell is a 50ish father and husband who is blessed to have lived an interesting and active life. His life experience includes such diverse occupations as automotive mechanic, cowboy, photographer, psychiatric tech, paralegal assistant, bouncer, and medical billing clerk. He has studied martial arts for over 30 years. He has been a soldier and an emergency medical technician, and has served as the chief of a volunteer ambulance squad. He was a diamond courier for a while, and later owned a working kennel where he trained dogs for law enforcement as well as personal protection, and has most recently trained one service dog. Although he is now disabled by the cumulative result of injuries sustained both in and out of the military (he has been shot, stabbed, blown up, bludgeoned, poisoned, and has even had harsh language directed toward him), he writes whenever he can, and has had one fantasy novel, Dragon Fate, published, with the sequel, Dragon Blade, due out in late summer of 2012. His other interests include but are not limited to history, archery, paleontology, cooking, and making jewelry. He currently lives on the Space Coast of Florida with his wife, his son, and his Great Dane service dog.

If you want to get in touch with him to ask questions, leave comments or feedback, or request review copies or appearances, you can find him on the Web on Facebook, Google+, Shelfari, and Goodreads, or you can e-mail him at JDHallowellBooks(insert "at" symbol here)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Spotlight: Jew in Jail

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Jew in Jail by Gary Goldstein

Jew in Jail is the true story of the nearly six years Gary Goldstein spent incarcerated in various prisons that comprise the state of New York's Department of Correctional Services, upon his plea of guilty to robbery, which was a direct result of his past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

The book details what it was being a minority behind bars, his attempts at recovery from addiction under the worst possible circumstances imaginable, and insights into what the prison system in New York State was like itself.

Jew in Jail is available at:
Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

Gary Goldstein was born on October 18, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Long Island University in 1983, and is a selected member of Sigma Delta Chi, and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges.
Before Gary's conviction, he worked for both CBS News and Sports, and NBC Sports, as a researcher/producer, and has also worked at other media outlets and sports production companies in the Tri-State area as well. Since his release in 2004, Gary has also been employed in the construction industry, but is now retired from that line of work.
Gary is single and has no children. He enjoys reading, writing, music, working out, spending time with family and friends, dating, and going to the beach.
Gary still resides in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and is currently working on his next book project, while also focusing on his motivational and inspirational speaking career.

You may contact Gary at  for book signings, interviews, or speaking engagements.

Gary's Website:
Gary on Goodreads:
Gary on Twitter:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Spotlight: Web of the Spider Queen

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Song of the Ancestors Book I: Web of the Spider Queen by John Grover

A long vanquished evil has returned to the beautiful and peaceful realm of Orum. An evil that will stop at nothing to plunder and enslave all of the realm's people and lay waste to its lands. An evil that refuses to die, that has ravaged every realm it has touched. Its name is Sinnia, the Spider Queen and she has set her eyes back on the one world that eludes her grasp.

Combining elements of horror and sword and sorcery, John Grover weaves an epic fantasy tale full of action, mystery and suspense. 

You can find Web of the Spider Queen on Amazon

Author Bio:

John Grover is a dark fiction author residing in Massachusetts. He completed a creative writing course at Boston's Fisher College and is a member of the New England Horror Writers, a chapter of the Horror Writers Association.

Some of his more recent credits include Best New Zombie Tales Vol 1 by Books of the Dead Press, The Book of Cannibals by Living Dead Press, The Vermin Anthology, The Northern Haunts Anthology by Shroud Publishing, The Zombology Series by Library of the Living Dead Press, Morpheus Tales, Wrong World, The Willows, Alien Skin Magazine, Aurora Wolf and more.

He is the author of several collections, including the recently released Terror in Small Doses for Amazon Kindle as well as various chapbooks, anthologies, and more.

John's Website:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Spotlight: Of Good and Evil

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Of Good and Evil by Gerald Griffin

Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his "special" abilities, is discharged from the army for going "crazy." Immediately, he is brutally beaten and shot by the Mafia, and is hospitalized near death. His life is dramatically saved by Amber Ash, who also possesses "special" abilities; and from there the two are propelled against mobsters, terrorists and an unsavory government cell out to kill them over Iraqi documents Ron possesses from his army service.
To save his sanity, Ron is forced  into becoming a Mafia hit man, targeting only fallen mobsters. This brings Ron and Amber into contact with the powerful and secret society, Eros; this contact eventually actualizing Ron's mental gifts to a point beyond his imagination. Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can possibly stop, but finds it impossible to do so. Cliff-hanging ending in a spiritual fight against tyranny.

You can find Of Good and Evil at:

Amazon:  (Paperback and Kindle)
Barnes & Noble:

Author Bio:

Gerald was born in Flint, Michigan, receiving his AS and BBA in his home town. Receiving his MA and Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University, upon graduation he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, there joining the private practice of another psychologist. A year later, Gerald established his own private practice in Atlanta as a Consulting Psychologist, his professional activities including marriage counseling, psychotherapy, psychological evaluations and executive consultation. While in private practice, Gerald wrote the published nonfiction book THE SILENT MISERY---WHY MARRIAGES FAIL. Following this, during his 18 years as a Consulting Psychologist, he also wrote the three published novels THE CORRUPTORS, THE DEATH DISCIPLE and THE LAST COMING. While in private practice Gerald was listed in Who's Who in Georgia; Marquis Who's Who in the South and Southwest; Personalities of the South; Personalities of America; Outstanding Atlantans; Notable Americans and Dictionary of International Biography. Easing out of private practice, Gerald entered writing full-time, at first concentrating on screenplays and ghost-writing, producing two published ghost written books. Then moving to Gainesville, Georgia, he returned to novels, writing the published suspense thriller OF GOOD AND EVIL and is currently putting the final polishing touches to its sequel A TIME OF RECKONING. Gerald is a member of International Thriller Writers, is divorced, has two grown sons and is presently engaged.

Web Site:

Short Excerpt- Chapter 1- Beginning:

They were all dead; except for one.

Ron grimaced. "Not again!"

Staying low and zigzagging in a quick pattern,Ron hastened over to Lieutenant Uebelacker. He was the last man on his team still alive; barely.

Mortally wounded, Uebelacker was lying motionless on the ground. His blackened face and military garb were soaked in patches of blood.

"Wh...where did they all come from?" Uebelacker attempted to focus in spite of his pain. His eyes were half closed in agony, and his breathing was labored.

"Hush, Lieutenant," Ron said, kneeling over him. "I'm getting you out of here."

"No. I can't move. Save yourself, Captain."

Again, bullets begin flying all about them. Death abounded. Ron, still kneeling, returned fire from his machine gun and remained untouched, but Uebelacker took another bullet. He jerked in agony, as though something had exploded in his head.

Ron's return fire halted the incoming fusillade, but now he was out of ammo. Suddenly an Arab was upon them, unleashing a dagger; its sharp blade glittering in the moonlight. With uncommon speed, Ron jumped to his feet, sidestepping the Arab's charge, in the same instant hitting him squarely in the throat with the barrel of the submachine gun, smashing his windpipe.The deadly blow hurtled the Arab backwards to the ground. He saw no more.

Hastily, Ron returned his attention back to Uebelacker. The lieutenant's eyes were closed. On his knees again, Ron gently shook him. "Lieutenant."

There was no answer.

Ron quickly took his pulse. It was indistinct. Then, with enormous effort, Uebelacker partially opened his eyes in a bewildered stare; rapid gasps coming from the back of his throat. "You're not wounded," he grimaced painfully. " blood." His mouth fell open with his final breath.

Ron looked at him stunned. Then he cradled Uebelacker's head in his arms. "No," he pleaded. "Not you too. Don't die on me, Lieutenant. Don't!" Ron's breathing suddenly became shallow. He felt like a being without substance. "No," he protested. "This isn't right."

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