Saturday, December 3, 2011

Supernatural: The Death of Bobby Singer

My thought on last night's episode of Supernatural.  Alert, there are Spoilers!

 The Death of Bobby Singer

The Fall Finale episode of Supernatural, Death’s Door, may be the last we, the viewers, see of Bobby Singer.  If it is, the send-off for Bobby was done with dignity, humour and a heart-breaking touch of tragedy.
Most of the episode happens inside Bobby’s head as he travels through his memories -a step ahead of a Reaper- looking for a way to communicate vital information to Sam and Dean.  He is aided by Rufus (great to see that character again) and has to face his darkest memories.  Some secrets are revealed and we see some tender moments in the relationship between Bobby, Sam and Dean.  Overall the trip through memory lane gave some bittersweet insight and said a fine farewell to the character.
But the episode also left questions, mainly, what happens next?  Will Bobby stay dead, or return as a ghost, possibly to be hunted down?  Personally I hope they let him die in peace, as much as I would miss the character.  I think that’s the way Bobby should go out.
The other key question of course is: How will Sam and Dean handle Bobby’s demise?  Because whatever happens, whether Bobby stays or goes, there will be consequences for Sam and Dean and a major fallout storyline.  My guess is this finally flips the crazy switch in Dean’s head and he goes off on a revenge kick along the lines of dear old Dad Winchester.  This may leave Sam on his own, emotionally speaking, to deal with the loss of Bobby, and with a head full of Lucifer that could have serious ramifications.  Regardless of how things play out this episode bodes to be a turning point in Supernatural.

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