Saturday, December 10, 2011

Save Community

The TV show Community is irreverent, sarcastic, satirical and subversive.  Should such a show be saved from cancellation?  Yes!  The answer is a resounding yes!

In today’s uber-PC world we need a show that mocks (in a good way) foibles and silliness, satirizes trends, and rifts on the geek, the chic, and the iconic.  This is the show that made paintball a spaghetti western, threw claymation and anime into the mix just because it could, and turned a goof on Dr. Who into a recurring reference.  (Their version, Inspector Spacetime, was turned into a viral fan favourite; check out the videos and websites listed at the bottom of this post if you want to see what fans did).

But alas, this gem of rebellious laughs languishes in the ratings basement and now teeters on extinction.  Even now it lashes out, with this week’s episode skewering the beloved Glee with a black mix of distorted Christmas song and fiendish style.  It is a bastion of the dysfunctional, the impudent, and embraces that dysfunction with flippant acceptance.

So I make a plea to all you geeks, freaks and TV lovers, to protect the television world from the banal, the bright and the happy.  Save Community, save this precious defiant spot of television. Save the subversive.

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