Saturday, December 10, 2011

Save Community

The TV show Community is irreverent, sarcastic, satirical and subversive.  Should such a show be saved from cancellation?  Yes!  The answer is a resounding yes!

In today’s uber-PC world we need a show that mocks (in a good way) foibles and silliness, satirizes trends, and rifts on the geek, the chic, and the iconic.  This is the show that made paintball a spaghetti western, threw claymation and anime into the mix just because it could, and turned a goof on Dr. Who into a recurring reference.  (Their version, Inspector Spacetime, was turned into a viral fan favourite; check out the videos and websites listed at the bottom of this post if you want to see what fans did).

But alas, this gem of rebellious laughs languishes in the ratings basement and now teeters on extinction.  Even now it lashes out, with this week’s episode skewering the beloved Glee with a black mix of distorted Christmas song and fiendish style.  It is a bastion of the dysfunctional, the impudent, and embraces that dysfunction with flippant acceptance.

So I make a plea to all you geeks, freaks and TV lovers, to protect the television world from the banal, the bright and the happy.  Save Community, save this precious defiant spot of television. Save the subversive.

Inspector Spacetime Websites:

Inspector Spacetime Videos:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Spotlight: Raven

Now Featuring:

Raven by Nuayma Jeggels:

A girl, a coma, a Plague, and an empty grave.

When Shardaie wakes up, she doesn’t know who she is, why she can’t understand emotions, why she has been unconscious for nearly nine of her thirteen years, or why the dead just won’t stay dead. The only clue to her past is a locket, but the Plague, which finally stretches its unnatural hand to her village, forces her to leave and to learn to protect herself. But everything has a cost: the protection against the undead reveals a secret that Shardaie and her classmates just don’t want to accept, and at the end, Shardaie realises that some secrets shouldn’t be revealed. Secrets have the power to destroy, and the power to change her view on humanity for ever.
Author bio:

Nuayma Jeggels lives in South Africa with her imaginary cat named Pookie. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is battling mathematics and gravity. Her favourite colour is violet. Her favourite meal is lasagne.

You can find Nuayma at her Blog, on FacebookTumblr, Twitter, or Goodreads

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Supernatural: The Death of Bobby Singer

My thought on last night's episode of Supernatural.  Alert, there are Spoilers!

 The Death of Bobby Singer

The Fall Finale episode of Supernatural, Death’s Door, may be the last we, the viewers, see of Bobby Singer.  If it is, the send-off for Bobby was done with dignity, humour and a heart-breaking touch of tragedy.
Most of the episode happens inside Bobby’s head as he travels through his memories -a step ahead of a Reaper- looking for a way to communicate vital information to Sam and Dean.  He is aided by Rufus (great to see that character again) and has to face his darkest memories.  Some secrets are revealed and we see some tender moments in the relationship between Bobby, Sam and Dean.  Overall the trip through memory lane gave some bittersweet insight and said a fine farewell to the character.
But the episode also left questions, mainly, what happens next?  Will Bobby stay dead, or return as a ghost, possibly to be hunted down?  Personally I hope they let him die in peace, as much as I would miss the character.  I think that’s the way Bobby should go out.
The other key question of course is: How will Sam and Dean handle Bobby’s demise?  Because whatever happens, whether Bobby stays or goes, there will be consequences for Sam and Dean and a major fallout storyline.  My guess is this finally flips the crazy switch in Dean’s head and he goes off on a revenge kick along the lines of dear old Dad Winchester.  This may leave Sam on his own, emotionally speaking, to deal with the loss of Bobby, and with a head full of Lucifer that could have serious ramifications.  Regardless of how things play out this episode bodes to be a turning point in Supernatural.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Spotlight: The Sulphur Diaries

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The Sulphur Diaries by Georgina Kamsika:

Alice is in deep trouble.
The police have found her covered in blood and surrounded by corpses.  The dazed teenager explains that she had befriended an angel to help her escape her tiny Yorkshire village that is situated over a gate to hell.
Why?  Because the Harvest was coming and the love of her life was up for selection.

For more information, including first three chapters to read or download, see Georgina Kamsika's author website.

Released by Legend Press, The Sulphur Diaries is available as a paperback at and WH Smith or in Kindle (UK site).  Also available from the US Amazon on Kindle.

Author Bio:

Georgina Kamsika was born in South Yorkshire, the youngest child to her Anglo-Indian immigrant parents. After attending a local catholic school, she escaped to university in Nottingham and began writing. Many years later, she began taking her writing seriously and has had several speculative short stories published in magazines and the odd anthology. She is lucky enough to have three friends who write and they work together weekly, sharing ideas, discussing writing techniques and motivating each other.

She admits to being a geek and whenever she’s not writing, she loves reading and walking her two dogs in the local woods. Her partner, Andy, is very patient and supports her at all times, even when her only response is ‘shush, go away. Writing’.

The Sulphur Diaries Excerpt:

“There is blood everywhere, on the walls, on the tables; I’m not sure what I just stood in, but it’s slippery.
Johnny! I scream, to be heard over the racket from outside, but there’s no answer and I can’t see him in the dim light. There’s a wet thump against the outer wall, though I daren’t look out of the windows. If I do, I might never be able to look away.
The shrieking outside is like nothing I’ve ever heard, and I freeze. Clenching my hands to stop their trembling, I peer into the gloom. Soft red light from some torches show me nothing but a puppet-show of shadows fighting outside. I recognise some of the locals: Mr Higgins, the Croft twins, their shapes easy to pick out as they struggle against the imps.
There seem to be more of them now. Where are they coming from? I remember calling to Lyle – not even an hour ago, however much it feels like days – but why are these imps attacking, why–”

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