Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Spotlight: 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens

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2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens by Alma Alexander:

What if you could make a different choice at a critical moment in your life?  What if had married someone else, turned right instead of left, had taken that job you agonized over and in the end rejected? What if you had been born a man instead of a woman? 

On the eve of the end of the world, Dec. 20, 2012, five friends meet in Spanish Gardens, the restaurant where they had celebrated their college graduation 20 years before. Over Irish coffees, they reminisce – and reveal long-held and disturbing secrets.
Each friend in turn is given a curious set of instructions by an enigmatic bartender named Ariel: "Your life is filled with crossroads and you are free to choose one road or another at any time. Stepping through this door takes away all choices except two -- the choice to live a different life, or return to this one.”
All of them pass through the portal and into drastically changed lives. They change occupations and families; one changes gender; a woman falls in love -- with another woman. In the end, four choose to return to their original lives. One doesn’t.

For more information, see Sky Warrior Books website: http://www.skywarriorbooks.com/

Author Bio:

Alma Alexander, who has been dubbed: 'Duchess of Fantasy,' has written a string of  historical and young adult fantasies that stand out as some of the best writing in the field.
Her high-fantasy duology, published in the United States as "The Hidden Queen" and "Changer of Days," is complemented by what is perhaps her best-known work, "The Secrets of Jin Shei." Jin-shei is currently out in 14 foreign editions worldwide including such fascinating languages as Turkish, Lithuanian, Catalan and Hebrew, as well as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Dutch. Both Jin-shei and its sequel, "Embers of Heaven," are high-concept alternate history which have also been received as mainstream.  "Worldweavers", a YA fantasy trilogy from HarperCollins, features Native American mythology, computer magic, a race of elves with the souls of Ferengi, and Nikola Tesla in a coming-of-age story that has received high critical and reader praise.

Alma was born in Yugoslavia, grew up in Africa, and went to school in Wales. She has lived in several countries on four continents, and is quite comfortable in the new continent of cyberspace. Several years ago she was living in New Zealand when she met a man on an Internet bulletin board for writers, married him and moved to America.  She now lives with her husband and two cats in the Pacific Northwest, in the city of Bellingham (directions to her home include the phrase "Aim for Canada and just before you get there, turn right").  Her office looks out onto cedar woods, and she has frequently been known to babysit young deer left just outside her door while their mothers vanish off on some urgent deer errand.

You can learn more about Alma at her website,
www.AlmaAlexander.com, and more about the Worldweavers books at their own dedicated site, www.WorldWeaversWeb.com.

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