Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Spotlight: Chocolate Mama

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Chocolate Mama by Helen Bradley Hall:

Young, beautiful, and intelligent, Liza Dozier had a promising future ahead of her. Popular in and out of school, she seemed happy. Liza carried a dark secret that would rip her family a part. Things were looking good for now, but as she grew older her past came back to haunt her. Liza the eldest of seven, had a decision to make, and she wasn’t sure if her decision would cost her everything, even her soul.
Berlin Hamgorium the richest kid in town had a darker secret that would tear his family and the world apart. He knew his secret would be safe forever, or would it?

Author Bio:

Helen Bradley Hall, born August 24, 1973, had a near death experience that began her career as an author. A divorced single mother of 3, in 1996, Helen spent countless days and nights in the library researching the publishing world.
In 2003, Helen wrote and published her book and began Bradley’s publishing company. Helen has written and published three books through her independent publishing house located in Garden City, MI. Helen has written and published books titled, The World of Poetry for Every Parents Bedroom, The Battle Within, and her third book Chocolate Mama, with many other titles to come.
Helen has since remarried, and is now a mother of 4 with an Associates degree in criminal justice, and currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in forensic science. Helen at this present time, is working on her fourth book, titled Baby Robber’s based on a true story.

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