Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Spotlight: The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed

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The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed by Leanna Shields:

Aria was captured by pirates when she was five years old and sold into slavery.
At thirteen she is rescued by Jarron Latron, and she and her friend Catanya are taken to Aria’s home world of Tanul. There she meets the High King and finds a chance to be free, with a new life beckoning.
But buried deep inside this girl is a secret a man in power wishes to keep hidden.
Will she regain her forgotten memory?
Will this man's plan prevail? 

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Author Bio:

LeAnna Shields grew up and still lives in Colorado. She went to public schools until high school, and then chose a home school out of Chicago called Christian Liberty Academy Satellite School. This is where she excelled, learned to write and even indulged in fan fiction about Star Wars.
During college she started her series, The Alestrion Chronicles, a project dear to her heart.

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