Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recap of Season Finales and Cancellations

I’m a bit late in posting this, as the official season ended on May 25th, but here it is anyway.

Our favourite shows have wound up for the season, giving us weddings, shocks and death galore.  Here’s a round-up of some of the best season finales:

Chuck:  My favourite geeky spy show ended with a nail-biter of a near-death (poor Sarah nearly bit it) and the team got fired from the CIA (it looks like next season they’re going freelance).  Happier events included the long awaited (yay!) wedding of Chuck and Sarah and, well now the gang is really, really rich thanks to the Volkoffs.  And then there was the big shocker, Morgan downloading the Intersect!
-The Best Wedding Award

Castle:  This one was a tear-jerker and an emotional roller-coaster.  Captain Montgomery turned out to be a bad guy, but heroically sacrificed his life in the end to try and protect Beckett from the assassin! And Beckett ended up getting shot anyway at his funeral, where (as she lay dying? passing out?) Castle finally admitted he loved her!
- The Best Good Guy Turned Villain Award

Hawaii Five-0:   High drama and cliff-hangers were the order of the day.  The team played cat and mouse with Wo Fat and got burned as they uncovered the fact the governor was in the pocket of the criminal.  To make matters worse the theft of the money (from earlier in the season) was discovered with Kono the prime suspect, Chin re-joined HPD and Steve got framed for the governor’s murder.  Also, Danny’s happy reconciliation with his ex-wife may be short lived as she and his daughter have seemingly left Hawaii.
-The Best “I Can’t Believe They Did That” That Award

How I Met Your Mother:  This one only needs one sentence:  It was Barney’s wedding! Oh, and Lily and Marshall are finally expecting a kid.
-The Best “I Did Not See That Coming” Award

The Mentalist:  We had bombs, the return of Hightower, betrayals, traps, twists and turns that all led to Grace’s Red John spy, rat of a fiancé getting shot and the final face-to-face showdown between Patrick Jane and Red John.  And those last moments in the mall where Patrick shoots his nemesis dead (at least we hope he’s dead).
-The Best Storyline Wrap-up Award

Bones:  On this finale we got murder, bowling, a baby and one heck of a surprise announcement when Bones tells Booth she’s pregnant with his kid.
-The Best “What The****” Award

Fringe:  We saw the future and it wasn’t pretty.  One world was dead, another slowly be destroyed.  Walter was in jail and Walternate ended killing future Olivia.  But of course our Walter came up with a last minute plan to fix everything; present time Peter created a bridge between worlds and allowed the alternate world counterparts to meet.  And then Peter was promptly erased from existence!!!
-The Best Headache Inducing Paradox Award

Smallville:  The series finale had cold feet, life (and destiny) re-evaluation, an almost wedding disrupted by Oliver trying to kill Clark (and Oliver was saved from the darkness, yay), and the near total destruction of Earth by Darkseid and Apokolips.  Oh, and A certain superhero showed his red and blue at the end.
-The Best Wedding Interruption Award

Supernatural:   Let’s see, the first hour revisited the Ben and Lisa situation with a kidnap and rescue operation and tied up that loose end with the bittersweet solution of having Castiel wipe the memories of Dean from their minds.  And all hell broke loose (literally) in Sam’s mind during the second hour and left stopping the Castiel/Crowley hunt for Purgatory up to Dean and Bobby.   A few deaths (poor Balthazar) and betrayals ensue, and Sam finally shows up, but the boys are too late.  Castiel outfoxed everybody and now wants to be the new God.  And it looks like he’s got the juice to give it a shot.
-The Best Cliffhanger Award

Honourable Mentions:
  • The Big Bang Theory:  Penny and Raj hooked up!
  • Vampire Diaries:  Stephan turned bad, two dead characters came back.
  • Nikita: Amanda staged a coup and Alex is on her side.
  • NCIS:  The Port-to-Port killer was killed and there’s a traitor in NCIS.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles:  The season finale left questions galore about Hetty and Callan’s mysterious past.
  • The Event:  Sofia was stopped in her attempt to release the virus, but she did manage to portal her entire planet (literally the planet) into Earth’s vicinity.

The end of the network TV season also means casualties as some of our favourite shows lose the renewal battle.  Some of the fallen this year are:
  • Human Target
  • Lie to Me
  • The Cape
  • The Event
  • V
  • No Ordinary Family

On a happier note, Supernatural, Chuck, and Fringe all got another season.

For a full list of renewals and cancellations see:

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