Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Spotlight: The Manus System

The Spotlight Is On:

The Manus System by Guy Betar:

Find out what happens when mankind invents a spaceship so advanced, so complex, that it can enter and interact with the human brain.

Author Bio:

Guy has always had an interest in writing and being creative. His profession is that of a lawyer, but his passion is creativity in literature and music. He has always had a fascination with fantasy and sc-fi literature, since having read the Lord of the Rings when he was quite young, and that fascination has grown to encompass many of today’s prominent fantasy authors.
Guy is keen to write a variety of short stories in the fantasy, sci fi and related genres, and at the same time pursue his ultimate goal of writing fantasy books. His love of music, especially composing music and songs and playing guitar, add another element to his creative side.

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