Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Spotlight: Goodbye Milky Way

The Spotlight Is On:

Goodbye Milky Way – An Earth in Jeopardy Adventure by Dan Makaon: 

Tom is a freelance project manager with a reputation for getting results for corporations and governments. But he’s never been up against a challenge like this.

The earthquake that triggered the Asian tsunami did more than kill 283,000 people. It caused a shift in the axial tilt of the Earth. But what could have caused such a powerful earthquake and its unusual tectonic activity? An eclectic group of scientists, calling themselves the Star-Slayer Team, calculates that the cause of the quake emanates from the depths of space, threatening all of mankind with extinction.
Tom leads a harrowing expedition to Antarctica and discovers an ancient secret that can help save mankind. He joins the Star-Slayer Team and leads massive and dangerous construction projects in Ecuador and on the Moon.
Assisted by Aieda, a powerful and sophisticated computer, the team has only seven years to develop the mechanism that will save the Earth and the Moon. With Einstein-like intelligence, and even adopting a female persona, Aieda believes her new theory governing gravity and space-time will save humanity. But can she be trusted?

Goodbye Milky Way is also on Kobo 

Author Bio:

Dan Makaon is a lifelong fan of science fiction and it was his fascination with science as a child that led to his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in science. 
Having earned his B.S. in Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy, he spent much of his six years in the Air Force in the Space and Missile Systems Organization where he learned, first hand, about the weapon systems development and procurement processes.
While in the Air Force, the author earned his M.S. degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Upon resigning his commission as a Captain, he was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for his innovative computer information systems work. The author's interest then shifted to the specialty chemicals industry where he focused on management and manufacturing processes. Ultimately, he operated his own supply chain management consulting business.
Armed with a solid understanding of technology and scientific principles, and boyhood daydreams of imaginary worlds, Dan’s passion for science fiction has never wavered. He continues to pursue his literary interests while living with his wife in Florida.

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