Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I Have Learned From Cartoons

Animated cartoons are not just entertaining, they can have some interesting lessons to teach:

Things I have learned from cartoons

That saying Narf does make you feel better.  (From Pinky and the Brain.)

That Scooby Snacks either have a hypnotic effect or impart courage.  I’m not certain which, but those snacks are powerful.  (From Scooby Doo.)

That I have no idea what a pickled schnauzer is, or why someone would pickle a schnauzer or whether the schnauzer is pickled in brine or booze.  (This comes from the line “What in the name of pickled schnauzers!” from Penguins of Madagascar.)

That animated superheroes look good in purple, especially if they’re cartoon ducks. (From Darkwing Duck.)

That you should always take that left turn, be it at Albuquerque or elsewhere.  (From Bugs Bunny.)

That evil geniuses, be they people, dolphins or a hamster, never have simple plans.  They always go for the complicated.  (Take your pick on cartoons for that one.)

And just remember, if you ever need to get someone’s attention, tell them you “artichoked a ukulele hamster”.  I guarantee you’ll have they’re undivided notice.

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