Monday, April 18, 2011

A Review of HBO’s Game of Thrones

Winter is coming.

Fantasy lovers and, hopefully, fans of the books by George R. R. Martin will not be disappointed in the series Game of Thrones if one judges by the quality of the premiere episode.
The beauty and detail of the visuals is astounding and lends the ideal atmosphere that pulls the viewer into the story immediately.  From the first opening of the massive gate onto a cold white winter this world breathes life, and death, magnificently.
We are induced to the characters quickly, Eddard Stark and his family, King Robert Baratheon, his queen and her less than honourable family, and enemies to the throne just off the horizon.  The episode unfolds as the wheels of the plot are put into play, characters taking stage with their schemes and secrets, until that last, breathless shot of iniquity.
This show will easily capture the attention and fascination of anyone who loves an intricate and commanding drama.  Game of Thrones is the fantasy genre at its best.

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