Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Spotlight: Universal Genius: Collected Fiction

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Universal Genius: Collected Fiction by Erin Lale:

Universal Genius: Collected Fiction is an ebook of short stories that were first published in print magazines and are now available in electronic format for the first time.
Short stories in this anthology:
  • The Timelessness Machine (reprinted from The Sterling Web)-Hard science fiction
  • Obamaphone- Alternate history
  • In the Beginning Was the Microchip (reprinted from The Science Fiction Store Club Magazine)- Hard science fiction/cyberpunk
  • The Betrayed (reprinted from Mythic Circle)- Fantasy
  • Stopover on Monta Colony (reprinted from The Science Fiction Store Club Magazine)- Science fiction
  • Gina (reprinted from Collector’s Club Newsletter)- Science fiction
  • Russian Sauna (reprinted from Shadowlane)- Magical realism
  • Infinity is a Function of This Universe- Hard science fiction
  • Tsim- Science fiction

Author Bio:

Originally from northern California, I now share a home in Nevada with my mom, Meta, my Bengal Cat, Beni-Wan Cat-Obi, an '84 Silverado named the Warhoop Wagon, two drums named Grandmother Elk and Mr. Hairy Goat, and an invisible garden gnome who prefers not to be named.

My publishing career started in 1985. My published works and paid writing include poetry, fiction, nonfiction, music, jokes, puzzles, magazine fillers, catalog copy, web content, photos, slogans, videos, recipes, technical writing, academic papers, speeches, and procedure manuals. I was the publisher and editor of Berserkrgangr Magazine, a full format quarterly print magazine than ran 16 issues in the 90s.  I served on the Mythopoeic Society Fantasy Fiction Awards Committee, and owned and operated The Science Fiction Store in Las Vegas.

I believe that I meet the criteria to be considered a polymath. Over the course of my life, in no particular order, I've taught Russian in a university, bred a new breed of creeping phlox flower, competed in martial arts tournaments, invented technical processes in iDEN and CDMA technology used by Sprint-Nextel, won the Double Ruby Award from the National Forensic League, sang in a public gig in the Celtic folk-rock band North Wind, invented the multiple layer sunprint process and became the world's most prominent contemporary sunprint artist, served on the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Advisory Board, won a recipe contest, wrote for the sports page of the Sonoma Index-Tribune, was the founding Chairman of City Lights Artists' Co-op in Henderson, NV, conducted a public performance by the Sage Women Drum Circle, wrote Russian language user-interface protocols for mainframes, won a costume award at a science fiction convention, had a solo show of my art on the Las Vegas Strip, became an ordained minister and held religious services for a congregation, won an award for a commercial I wrote and filmed, was consulted by an archeologist about the orthography of a runic inscription on an 8th century sword, ran for Nevada State Assembly (the subject of my book How to Lose at Politics, Or, Not Bad for a Libertarian), and worked as a farmer, alarm dispatcher, techsupport rep, insurance underwriting manager, survey taker, substitute teacher, fabric dyer, wedding videographer, and corporate spy (otherwise known as mystery shopper) and wrote and directed the indie magical realist art film Rain Dance.

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