Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Spotlight: Sofia's Legacy

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Sofia’s Legacy by Marilyn L Rice:

Is There ‘Life’ After Death?

In Sofia’s Legacy, the second novel in author Marilyn L Rice’s fascinating trilogy, Sofia has died, but has come back from “upstairs” to watch her own funeral.
She attends with her deceased father to see that everything proceeds as it should. Watching events “downstairs,” Sofia wants to help her loved ones, with no one aware of her presence. As Sofia adjusts to death, she and the others upstairs enjoy the pleasures of the afterlife.
In the previous book, Look After Each Other, Sofia transformed her life after learning of her impending death. Now she is seeking the answers to the questions all of us want to know. What exactly happens after we die?

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Author Bio:

Marilyn L Rice was born in Nottingham in February 1951 and spent her early childhood in a Nottinghamshire country village. She moved to Derbyshire in 1960 and attended the local Grammar School. She then went on to the Crewe College of Education to study Divinity and Literary Studies for 3 years and obtained a Certificate in Education. She moved on to the University of Keele and read Divinity and Education for a year before gaining a B.Ed degree.
She graduated in 1973 and began a teaching career in Secondary Education that was to last for twenty years. During those years, she married and divorced, like so many of her contemporaries.  She travelled, studied Leisure and Tourism, completed a writing course, worked as a part-time holiday hostess, and a market researcher.  Unfortunately, ill health forced Marilyn into early retirement from teaching and to take life at a steadier pace. She now spends her time writing and reading. 

She self-published her first book, Time & Tide, followed by Stay in Touch.  She has since published books one and two of her "Sofia Trilogy" with Strategic Book Publishing, Look After Each Other and Sofia’s Legacy.  She is currently writing, Love You Forever, the final work in the "Sofia Trilogy".

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