Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book Spotlight: Exodus Of The Phoenix

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Exodus Of The Phoenix by Robert Stadnik:

Humanity has been kept bound within the solar system for decades by a hostile alien race known as the Screen. Ships attempting to pass beyond Mars have been destroyed without reason or provocation and communication with this mysterious alien race have failed. Both the military and tri-planetary government have resigned themselves to the notion that humans will never explore the stars, but hope springs forth from the most unlikely of places.

Humanity's destiny lies with two inexperienced cadets and an unproven experimental starship. Join cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson as they are introduced to the EXODUS Project and offered the chance to free humanity from its oppressors. This is the first novel of the Exodus series.

Author Bio:
Robert grew up in Southern California and relocated to Phoenix, AZ upon earning his bachelor's degree. For the last ten years he has worked as an auditor and, in his current position, has had the opportunity to travel around the country. He has visited over 100 cities in his travels, meeting a wide range of people.

Robert Stadnik has been an avid science fiction writer for years, but has only recently begun publishing his stories. His first novel, Exodus Of The Phoenix, was released in 2010 and he will be publishing two more books in 2011.

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