Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Spotlight: Children of Discord

The Spotlight Is On:

Children of Discord by C. C. Cole:

Children of Discord is the second novella of the "Gastar" series.
At the end of the first book, Act of Redemption, Shevata re-entered the underworld to track her enemy, the treacherous boy Goldeon, who aided Zermon and murdered the mate of Shevata's mentor, the dragon Harathgus, now in permanent mourning.  She gets forced back into Gastar two centuries later by being summoned by a group of unlikely allies.  She realizes the city has grown, thrived, and re-populated with a sophisticated set of laws.  The boy is hiding inside the city and recruiting a secret army to topple the city's leadership and to bring back the ancient wars.  Shevata finds herself amongst an unknowing group of well-meaning people, who are ignorant of the dark history of the city.  The clash of the two dangerous children from the past places the people in the middle of their war, creating danger for all.  Shevata begins to realize the importance of humanity, and takes steps to claim her own humanity at the book's dramatic end.

Author Bio:

I am a dark fantasy author from rural Mississippi, live a suburban life outside of Jackson with my family.
Interests other than writing include martial arts (hapkido), 20th century history (especially WWI), and adopted greyhounds.  The character Zermon in "Act of Redemption" is based on the personality of my older brother, now a family joke.  My writing journey began as a creative outlet following the death of my sister from an domestic violence incident.  (I keep her case private, but discuss domestic violence awareness in interviews if asked).

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