Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Spotlight: Act of Redemption

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Act of Redemption by C. C. Cole:

The city of Gastar stands in ruins with a minimal population following centuries of war. The demon lord Zermon now has come to the human world with plans to destroy the city to make it part of his territory in the underworld.  A trio of young fighters from the past enter the devastated city to train the people with weaponry and defense and to restore hope.  Shevata also returns after two centuries of imprisonment, realizing she carries a hideous curse. She has a long history with Zermon because she had been a child warrior/assassin during the years of war and entered the underworld to rescue living humans imprisoned there.  The people of the city, the humans from the past, and Shevata combine efforts to save the people from annihilation.
Act of Redemption is the first book in the "Gastar" series of novellas.

Author Bio: 

I am a dark fantasy author from rural Mississippi, live a suburban life outside of Jackson with my family.
Interests other than writing include martial arts (hapkido), 20th century history (especially WWI), and adopted greyhounds.  The character Zermon in "Act of Redemption" is based on the personality of my older brother, now a family joke.  My writing journey began as a creative outlet following the death of my sister from an domestic violence incident.  (I keep her case private, but discuss domestic violence awareness in interviews if asked).

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