Monday, January 10, 2011

A review of "The Cape"

My Review of the new TV show The Cape:

-Attention, for anyone who did not watch the show last night, the review contains minor spoilers-

When I first heard about The Cape I reserved judgement.  The premise, a man framed for a crime who turns to fighting the bad guys as a superhero, sounded like it might be brilliant or fall flat.
So, I wasn’t certain what to expect from this show, but the two hour premiere of The Cape was a delightful surprise. It splendidly captured the tone and feel of a comic book and grounded it nicely with some honest characters and touching pathos. It also had a quirky sense of humour that poked a little fun at the superhero genre.
It wasn’t perfect though. It was a bit shaky around the edges, leaving a few loose ends dangling at the end of the first hour (what happened to all the explosives for instance?) and occasionally lost focus. Also the villain was somewhat under-developed, character wise, coming across as a cardboard cut-out at times.
For the most part however, it was entertaining and engaging, with flashes of radiance. I especially liked the circus segment, where our hero learns his tricks of the superhero trade; the style and the dialogue really clicked. The character of Orwell showed some intriguing promise and fact the hero makes mistakes is refreshing.
I liked the show considerably and will be returning for more of the adventures of The Cape.

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