Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Spotlight: The Father of Hollywood.

The Spotlight is On:

The Father of Hollywood by Gaelyn Whitley Keith:

Hobart Johnstone and Gigi Whitley are considered the patriarchs who presided over the creation of Hollywood. Their city has forever changed the course of history, portraying visions of glamour and romance to a degree unmatched anywhere else. Nestled in hills covered in towering eucalyptus and orange groves, Hollywood was built as part of a grand scheme by visionary developer HJ Whitley, " The Father of Hollywood."  Why did the Los Angeles Times and others in the community give him this title?

Whitley Heights was the Beverly Hills of yesteryear, and some of the most impressive homes in Hollywood are located there. Stars like Jean Harlow, Ethel Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davies, W.C. Fields, Harold Lloyd, Carole Lombard, Rudolph Valentino, and many others lived and held legendary parties in the Heights.  Inside the pages of The Father of Hollywood are all the juicy details.

Author Bio:

Gaelyn Whitley Keith was raised in Manhattan Beach, California, a stone's throw from Hollywood. Gaelyn went to college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in the early 1970’s and spent the years after college traveling around the country and the world, writing short stories and working for South Bay Magazine. She has been awarded top honors in national writing competitions.
Gaelyn discovered her longing to be a writer when she was a child listening to her mother’s imaginative true stories about Hollywood. In adolescence, encouraged by English teachers who described her as a “born writer,” she began writing her own stories, as well as keeping prolific journals that chronicled her experiences, both internal and external, a practice she has continued throughout her life.
Today Gaelyn lives beside a lake in El Dorado Hills, with her husband Randy. She writes in a book-lined upstairs study where she can look out at the lake and wildlife. She is working on her new book, “The Father Of Hollywood: The Final Event.”


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