Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tired of Happy Christmas Specials?

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve so I thought I make a list (and check it twice) of, well, alternate Christmas movies and specials:


A Very Supernatural Christmas:  A holiday themed episode from my favourite show, Supernatural.  Some little nasty is dragging hapless victims up the chimney and making them disappear.  Is it Santa’s evil twin?  Not likely.  Sam and Dean are on the hunt in an episode full of black humour and flashbacks to the Ghosts of Winchester Christmases Past.  Just wait to you see how they use the Christmas tree.

Robbie the Reindeer:  I’m referring to the three original British Christmas specials, Robbie the Reindeer Hooves of Fire and Robbie the Reindeer Legend of the Lost Tribe and Robbie the Reindeer Close Encounters of the Herd Kind.  It’s Santa’s reindeer done up British style with a nice dollop of irreverent humour.  And remember the immortal words of Blitzen, “Power: one of the few things in life that's nicer than toast.

The Doctor Who Christmas Specials:  Come spend Christmas with the Doctor and the Tardis as he battles an alien invasion (The Christmas Invasion), a bride and more aliens (The Runaway Bride), cybermen descending on Victorian London (The Next Doctor), and tries to stop a space faring Titanic from crash-landing on Earth (Voyage of the Damned).  It is science fiction wrapped up with a bow.   And don’t forget this year’s special A Christmas Carol (broadcast in Canada on Space Dec 26th and on BBC America Dec 25th).


The Ref:  One very dysfunctional family meets a fugitive thief with anger issues at Christmas time.  He takes them hostage, stays for Christmas dinner and ends up as an impromptu family counsellor.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:  Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town, discovers the existence of Christmas Town.  Fascinated by the place he tries to take over, but things don’t quite work out.  He finds out why Halloween and Christmas don’t mix. 

Gremlins:  Fuzzy turns into fiendish as cute little creatures morph into little nasty gremlins and wreak Christmas havoc on the terrified town.

Die Hard:  Nothing says Christmas like the office party being crashed by would-be terrorists.  But that fly-in-the-ointment John McClane is there to save the day and the Holidays.  Yippee-ki-yay and to all a good night.

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