Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paranormal Modern Folk Music

The Spotlight Is On:

Jonah Knight

Jonah Knight plays Paranormal Modern Folk, what he descibes as alternate acoustic music.
His songs runs from light hearted to creepy and from stream of conscious to detailed story telling. He treats his craft seriously with the goal of creating high quality music that just happens to be about ghosts & monsters, angels & demons, pirates & clones.
Jonah used to be a standard singer/songwriter with songs about traditional subjects: jobs, friends, traveling, and relationships, but after writing over 150 songs he began to lose interest. In early 2010 he had a realization that although he had been a fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Super Heroes all of his life, he had never considered writing songs on those topics.

You can find out more about Jonah Knight and his music at his website:
You can download a free 6 song sampler from his albums by signing up for his email newsletter.

His CD's:

Exploration of Dangerous Places- An album of supernatural dangers that one encounters through travel.   It is a collection of haunted songs written by Jonah Knight after he reconnected with the supernatural.  This is his second CD after deciding to focus on supernatural or 'genera' subjects. Ghosts, monsters, an army of clones, space travel, and pirates dominate the songs.
The album was released in November 2010

In June of 2010 Jonah Knight released the album, Ghosts Don't Disappear, a meditation on being haunted.  

Jonah Knight is currently planning three releases for 2011, all focused on supernatural subject matter.

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