Friday, November 26, 2010

The TV season so far- part 2

Today I’ll be recapping the progress of some my favourite shows.

Attention the post contains “spoilers”.

Supernatural:  The speculation about whether season six would make the cut was the buzz with the fans when the show started this fall and so far the show has managed to maintain the quality.  I love the resurrection of the grandfather, Samuel and the bump in status of Crowley the demon, plus the “Sam has no soul” plotline has the makings of brilliance.  I do miss the whole “Sam and Dean” interplay, but this new dynamic is intriguing.

Dexter: Coming off the infamous “Trinity” storyline, the show has again altered direction with a marvellous new plotline.  In the midst of a narrative chock full of themes of grief, redemption and revenge, Dexter has found a new bloody playmate and protégé.  Completing the dark delight are new targets and enemies lurking around the corner.

Vampire Diaries:  This show keeps getting better; it is a multi-layered drama that goes beyond the “teenage vampire” craze.   So far this season there has been the return of vampire Katherine, Caroline unwilling joining the vampire ranks, werewolves, uber-vamps and an ancient curse that put a target on the backs of our stalwart vamp heroes Stefan and Damon and their love-interest Elena.

Smallville:  This, the tenth and last, season has actually risen above the mediocrity of recent years and shown some quality.  They have shifted the focus off all the complicated storylines and put it back where in belonged: on the characters.  We have actually seen some introspection and character growth and the new Darkseid story arc has actually been intriguing.

Fringe:  This show is what every sci-fi program should aspire to:  a well-acted, tense, compelling drama.  The parallel, two universe storyline has expanded the dynamic of the show and let Anna Torv (Olivia) stretch her acting chops.  I can’t wait to see what happens when the storylines finally collide.

Some more favourites worth watching.

Chuck:  Occasionally an episode misfires here and there, but it is still the most entertaining geek spy show on TV.

Castle:  Just another fabulous season of high jinks, fun and murder with Beckett, Castle and company.

Bones:  Murders, science and gruesome forensics.  What more could you ask?

The Mentalist:  More metal trickery to catch murderers, with some intriguing teasers in the Red John sub-plot.

Human Target:  The new season started with a bang and looks to be a solid run of engaging action.

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