Monday, November 22, 2010

The TV season so far- part 1

I’ve been featuring books here lately and it’s time for a switch in topics with a little rundown on this year’s television season as I see it.
Today, I’m talking about some of the new shows that debuted this fall.  In my opinion, there have been a few standouts, a couple of watchable shows and some disappointments.

  • Hawaii Five-O- This cop show is gorgeous (in both cast and setting), action-packed and just plain fun.  It is fast becoming one of my favourites.
  • The Event- I didn’t know what to expect when this show debuted, but it is a gripping show.  It has a solid sci-fi/conspiracy plotline that doles out just enough information to tease and intrigue, but not frustrate you.
  • $#*! My Dad Says- The best thing I can say about this sitcom is it makes me laugh out loud.
  • Nikita- I was surprised by this one, but it is a great show.  It’s intriguing, dramatic with some fabulous spy action.  
  • The Defenders- A bit goofy and at times earnest, but the two leads, Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell, charm and so does the show.
  • Law and Order: Los Angeles- A sturdy addition to the Law and Order family, with good acting and engaging plots. 
  • No Ordinary Family- I wanted to like this show, but it was too humdrum with way too much family angst.  I did not think you could make superheroes boring until I watched this show.
  • Undercovers- The previews for this show looked cool, but it sucks.  The two romantic leads have no chemistry, the spy plots are ridiculous and overall the show is tedious.
  • Chase- This isn’t exactly a bad show, but I found it lacklustre.  I felt it tried too hard to be serious and it never connected.

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