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Book Spotlight: Restored Hope

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Restored Hope by Brenda Youngerman

Peter and Tara Miller are the image of perfection. They have three beautiful children, live in a wonderful neighborhood, and are still each other’s best friend. One day in May their world begins to disintegrate as one of their son falls out of a tree. Tragically six months later their other son takes his own life. Tara snaps and she recedes into the confines of her darkened room.

Emotionally abandoned, Samantha Miller must survive the aftermath of her brothers’ deaths, her mother’s breakdown and her father’s demands. When she has the ability to break free she does and discovers that the real world is not much kinder. Emotionally shattered she struggles through college and law school to discover that her dead twin can direct her to a safe haven. The solace of the ocean and a dog give her the strength she needs to find peace and happiness.

Timothy Bleak is raised in a kind, loving family and is virtually invisible. His voice goes unheard, his needs are unmet and his emotions are squashed. Unbeknownst to his parents he chooses the opportune time to leave the family and set out on a new adventure of his own.

Follow the story as these two bereft beings find each other and their lives intertwine as they face the challenges of life, love and happiness together.

Restored Hope -

Author Bio:

Brenda was the youngest child in a very large family and never felt like she really fit in. To make matters worse, her parents were divorced in the 60’s, before divorce was the ‘in’ thing. She found herself disappearing into her own world where she observed others. That was not a great place for a child to be, but turned out to be rather advantageous for an author. She didn’t really find her own voice until her writing was published.
Brenda has always had the ability to empathize, constantly harboring strays, even when it meant less for her. Writing comes naturally to her and she has been writing since high school, keeping journals since college. When her first novel came out, Private Scars, she tackled the very difficult subject of domestic abuse from the victim’s point of view. From that moment forward she has written what she calls "Fiction With a Purpose". Her novels deal with social issues that she feels need attention.
Brenda tries to bring the reader along for the ride from the character's point of view and if at the end of the book, a reader puts it down and asks, "Was that real?" She did a good job! Brenda believes that ONE person can make a difference and that all things happen for a reason. We are all on this planet for a purpose and that she has finally found out what her purpose is.
Brenda Youngerman writes fiction with a purpose and hopes that the tales that she weaves entertain as well as give people hope. Brenda lives in southern California and she loves to walk on the beach with her dog and watch the pelicans!

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