Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recap/review of select shows from Monday Sept. 20th

A few quick recap reviews of the highlights from Monday night's TV schedule:

A few episode spoilers are included, so beware.
  • Castle:  The show started with conflict between Beckett and Castle, mainly due to Castle failing to call Beckett after the summer break.  Of course her arresting him for murder didn't help matters.  Castle is proved innocent and worms his way back into the investigation, which involves several bodies, counterfeiters and some gun play.  By the end the criminals were caught and Beckett and Castle were partners again.  It was a nice opening episode and great fun.
  • Chuck:  Things are definitely in place for a great season, with Chuck on the hunt for his mysterious Mom, and he finally has a serious romance with Sarah.  In the first episode, his search for his mother crosses paths with Sarah and Casey, pulling Chuck back into the spy game, the Buy More is now a CIA/NSA Headquarters and Ellie is expecting.  It was a fun episode, full of cool guest stars including Linda Hamilton as Chuck's Mom, Harry Dean Stanton as a Repo Man and Dolph Lundgren as a Russian named Marco.  I can't wait for more.
  • The Event:  The show is better than I expected, and it did have some intriguing plot teasers in the premiere episode.  Who is kidnapping people, trying to crash planes into the president and that mysterious prisoner?  Who or what made the plane disappear?  And just what was "the event"?  It was well-written and well acted and I will stick around to watch, at least for now. 
  • Hawaii Five-O:  A nice updating of the iconic '70's show, with a great cast.  It should prove to be a nice cop show based on the first episode, which had a good pace and a reasonably interesting plotline.  And I did like the tip of the hat they did with the opening sequence.

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