Sunday, September 19, 2010

My favourite episodes from "Supernatural"

The Season Six premiere of the show Supernatural happens this Friday Sept. 24th, entering into a new era, Post-Apocalypse if you will.   This is a short retrospective of my favourite highlights of the past five seasons:

Some of my Favourite Episodes:

-Caution these blurbs contain some spoilers-

Season One-
Phantom Traveller:  Having a demon that tried to crash airliners was an interesting twist to the plot that played on fears of air travel.
Home:  The first thread in unravelling the Winchester family plot line.
Asylum:  Looking back the fight scene in this episode could be prelude to the final showdown in season five.
Scarecrow:  The first of several episode where they go head to head with pagan gods.  It was also the introduction of Meg.
Faith:  The first time we see the Reapers.
Hell House:  The introduction of Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore.

Season Two-
In My Time of Dying:  Sets up the entire Season Two in motion and subplots that lead into other seasons.
No Exit:  What happens when serial killers don't die.
The Usual Suspects:  With a clever guest star in Linda Blair and a great ghost story, it makes for a cool episode.
Crossroad Blues:  We learn about crossroad demons and deals for souls.
Tall Tales:  The introduction of the Trickster storyline.
Roadkill:  A bittersweet ghost storyline, with  a nice twist.
Heart:  Sam finally gets the girl, too bad she's not what she seems.
Hollywood Babylon:  Dean goes Hollywood as they hunt down the strange hauntings on a horror movie set.
What Is and What Should Never Be: Dean finds out what life would have been if his mother had lived.

Season Three-
The Kids Are Alright:  We learn a little more about Ruby and Dean reconnects with a girl from his past, who's living in a paranormal hot-zone.
Bad Day At Black Rock:  The introduction of Bela and some amusing scenes when the boys find their luck coming and going.
A Very Supernatural Christmas:  What is Christmas without death and pagan gods?  And you have to love what they did with the Christmas tree.
Mystery Spot:  Someone wants to kill Dean, repeatedly, as Sam lives the same day over again.
Ghostfacers:  A great episode satire of Ghost Hunting shows and the return of Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore.
No Rest For The Wicked:  Dean goes to Hell!

Season Four-
Lazarus Rising:  Castiel the Angel brings Dean back from Hell, with a dire warning of a coming Apocalypse.
In The Beginning:  Dean goes back in time and discovers a family secret.
Monster Movie:  A fun episode, shot like an old horror movie.
Yellow Fever:  Dean gets a fatal case of fear and paranoia.
It's A Terrible Life:  What if Sam and Dean weren't Hunters, or even brothers?  And just what is haunting their workplace in this strange alternate reality?
The Monster at the End of This Book:  The introduction of the "Supernatural" books and Chuck.
Lucifer Rising:  The Apocalypse -and Lucifer- cometh.

Season Five-
Sympathy for the Devil:  What happens after you unleash Lucifer upon the world.
The End:  An unsettling look at the future, where Lucifer is winning.
Fallen Idols:  Famous icons, including Paris Hilton, are killing.
Changing Channels:  An amusing parody of TV shows and we learn the truth about the Trickster.
The Real Ghostbusters:  Sam and Dean go to a "Supernatural" convention, complete with real ghosts.
Dark Side of the Moon:  Sam and Dean die, again, and go to Heaven.
Point of No Return:  Dean takes out Zachariah.  That scene alone is worth watching this episode.
Swan Song:  The Apocalypse showdown between Sam/Lucifer and Dean.

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