Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Spotlight: Theta Head

The Spotlight Is On:

Theta Head by Greg Dawe

Stark naked consciousness is exposed like a raw nerve as Georgias search for her missing boyfriend, Ben, takes her from London through Asia.

On route she discovers that Ben has been using a neuroscience technology one that offers the potential of complete liberation to anyone who uses it.  It is a technology Georgia must embrace if she is to find Ben, but one that is such an intimate catalyst for change Georgia isnt sure she can handle the side of herself it uncovers. 

It is only her desire to find Ben which drives her on; a force which leads her to the Theta Heads and a choice: continue using the technology to hack away at her layers of mental static and find the real reason he disappeared, or let go and face a future without him.

Theta Head technology doesnt need a mind of its own, it can have ours.

Publisher: http://www.cnpublishing.co.uk/

Author Bio:
Greg Dawe was born in London, and has been writing since he was 12. Just as the web was emerging in ’93 his interest in new technologies led him to study the UK’s first multimedia degree.
He then worked in London for as long as he could before buying a one-way ticket to South East Asia, where the laidback lifestyle gave him the peace, space and time to write more persistently.
Drifting in and out of teaching English to sustain this writing habit, always more at home in a foreign country, Greg is still wandering in Asia, slowly learning that wherever he goes, there he is.

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